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North Brisbane photographer.

Cherish the moments.
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Common questions

“I understand Photoshoots can be daunting – especially if it’s your first time.

Here are some common questions below to help you.

And I also send all of my booked clients a comprehensive guide prior to their photoshoot” 

Q: Where do we go for the photoshoot?

A: Prior to the photoshoot we discuss what you are hoping to achieve and which locations would be suitable, also bearing in mind the time of year and whether you are having a morning or afternoon photoshoot.

I have some favourite locations around Brisbane which I will recommend, but I can accommodate some location requests, if you have somewhere very specific you want to go.


Q: What do we wear?

A: Take into consideration the time of year and appropriate clothing to make everyone as relaxed and comfortable as possible. My pre-session communication will include a “What to Wear” guide, which suggests how certain colours and textures work well together as well as styles of clothing. You can see some examples in my Gallery.

Most importantly I want people to feel natural. So, for example, if your teenage son doesn’t love being in a long sleeved button up shirt, he’s certainly not going to love a photo on a wall showing him wearing one. We want everyone to LOVE this experience AND the results. We can talk about all of this prior to the photoshoot.


Q: What if I have a group larger than 6 people?

A: That’s ok. Please contact me via the contact page and I will call you to discuss the size of the group prior to booking. A larger group may require a longer photoshoot time to achieve the results you want. And this may affect the Session Fee.


Q: What if there are people in the group with mobility restrictions, such as walking aids or very young babies.

A: Everyone is welcome to participate in a photoshoot with me and we will choose a location suitable for everyone and ensure safe/considerate measures are taken at all times.


Q: What if some people in the group are uncomfortable about being in a photoshoot?

A: As a photographer it’s my job to relax everyone into the photoshoot and be aware of who may be feeling uncomfortable to help them enjoy the experience. I will also be looking out for awkward and unflattering positions or camera angles that will compromise the final image!

So, your job is to relax and have fun and my job is to guide you and help you to achieve those perfect photos for your wall.


Q: What products do you offer?

A: If you take a look at my Prices page it indicates a range of products as well as custom sizes and additional products available on request. I have a wonderful supplier in Brisbane who produces high-quality professional prints, framed prints, canvases and acrylics. We will discuss what you would like to achieve prior to the photoshoot.


Q: What happens after the photoshoot?

A: Well if it’s a very cold day we may need to rush off for a cuppa somewhere first! Then, I will be in contact with you after the photoshoot – once your images have been carefully selected and edited. They will be uploaded to a secure online gallery for you to review, select your favourites and to purchase the quantity and packages you want.


Q: Will our images be shown on your website?

A: I hope that you will love the photos as much as I do and I ask all of my clients to sign a Model Release form so that I can use images for further promotion of Bean images. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian approve the Model Release for them. However, if you or someone in your group does not want any image(s) online you just need to indicate this on the Model Release form. I will totally respect your decision.


Q: I’m still not sure if I’m ready to book, can I contact you with some other questions?

A: Of course, you can enter your details in the Contact page. I look forward to helping you with any further information you need.

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