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Photography: “Drawing with Light” |  Brisbane photographer

Photography: “Drawing with Light” | Brisbane photographer

Taken from Wikepedia (click here):

The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light” [2] and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”,[3] together meaning “drawing with light”.[4]

Today it struck me, as I was gathering some images from my archives for a social media post, that for years I’ve been taking photos of just that – light.

I have many photos of random objects and scenes from being out with my camera(s) over the years. When I asked myself why I had taken the photo the answer was clear – I was just fascinated by the light.

Light can change a scene I’ve seen before, or a simple object or into something I really wanted to capture. From froth on the edge of water, a reflection, a tap, a mangrove twig, a sink draining bench….. there were so many photos that really weren’t so much about the object but about capturing the way light had made it special (to me).

Suddenly my collection on random “things” and “moments” made sense. I’m just fascinated by light.

In an earlier blog “An SLR Camera in a London Pub / Brisbane Photographer”  I wrote about how I have a mind that picks up colour, atmosphere, mood, light, shapes, architecture, shadows and small details. And how I will usually talk about the lighting and art direction when I leave a cinema – yet I may not recall any character names!  

Now looking at my collection of images I can see that everyday moments are just that little bit more unique to me because I pause and take notice of the light.

Take a look at your own photos on your phone. Are the ones you LOVE just a little bit more special because of the way the light highlights your eyes, catches your hair or silhouettes you?  I love the lighting in the photos below, from one of my Family Portrait Photoshoots.

I hope you will stop to take take time to notice the light in your life!

And if you get a chance, check out “Road to Perdition“.  It’s a brilliant story and one of my all time favourite movies especially from a cinematography perspective – no wonder it won an Oscar. Every scene in this movie would make for a beautiful still image. The lighting is spectacular.  I am in awe of Sam Medes and Conrad L. Hall’s work.  I think you’ll see what I mean from this preview (click here) but the movie is well worth watching through.


PS: This is just a few of the images I posted to my facebook page. Check them out by clicking here. And if you want any information about a photoshoot with me check out my website www.beanimages.com or email me at jillsmyth@beanimages.com

“I hate having my photo taken”

“I hate having my photo taken”

I’m not sure if you saw the facebook posts where I became my own client and dared to post some unedited photos of myself on Facebook!

Scary for me? YES!

WHY did I do it?  Because I’m listening to YOU.


I had such great feedback from asking “what holds you back from booking a photoshoot?” and it was often simply: “I HATE HAVING MY PHOTO TAKEN”.

I hear you!  For years I’ve taken photos at family events and not been in front of the camera. So when my daughter came into my life I naturally wanted photos of us together and that’s when I started to notice the nerves of having a photo taken.

So I thought MAYBE if I’M brave enough to post a video on Facebook and upload selfies, YOU might feel you can take the step towards a photoshoot too.

I still can’t believe I did a video and posted it to social media, but it seems all the cool kids are doing it! 🙂 Then shortly after the video, with no edit-time I posted the photos you saw me take – Raw and Vulnerable.

People voted on their favourite (which is now my Social Facebook Profile image) and 1 lucky voter WON a photoshoot and prints package.
So, I got over a fear and gave away a photoshoot. WIN WIN!

Here’s the winning Photo!

I hope that the video and the images maybe inspire you to stop thinking about what you HATE and focus on what you LOVE, such as having fun with friends, partners or family and creating moments you can pass down for years to come!

I know my daughter and I will be laughing about these selfies in years to come.
Thinking about that makes me smile already!

So you think you can do it now too?  Book in for a fun photoshoot with me here.

And stay check out my facebook page and the blog for more posts relating to the great feedback from “what holds you back from booking a photoshoot?
Oh, and here’s the links to the 2 videos incase you missed them  http://bit.ly/2DhLmvJ   and   http://bit.ly/2DjlOOJ


The Carrie Affect  / Celebrate YOU / Brisbane Photographer

The Carrie Affect / Celebrate YOU / Brisbane Photographer

I used to think there were five reasons to book a photographer!  

Two** of these  only if I really wanted to CELEBRATE ME and splurge.

  • Engagement Party
  • Wedding
  • **Pregnancy
  • **Newborn
  • and when my family is complete….Mum, Dad and 2 or 3 kids!

It was an episode of Sex and The City that changed that idea. It’s the one where CARRIE Bradshaw is overwhelmed by celebrating people in her life who are ticking off “the” list. She decides to Celebrate her own life! She books in a Gift Registry at her favourite shoe store. She invites one of her “List Ticking Friends” to purchase a gift to simply celebrate Carrie – Brilliant!

Did you tick this list? I realise now that not everyone does. And some people tick it in a different direction, while others tick some or none of it.

So NOW why else could I book a photographer?  And why could you?

Here’s some of my thoughts:

  • your “besties” are getting together for the first time in years!
  • you would love some photos as an adult with your parents
  • as you get older you realise how rare time alone with your adult siblings can be and you want to capture the connection you have with them
  • you really do have an engagement, wedding, pregnancy, birth, young family moment to celebrate 
  • you simply adore your partner
  • just you and your child(ren) – this is YOUR family
  • you want to capture the time before you become empty nesters
  • you come from a fabulously blended family and have never had a photo of everyone together
  • you are graduating after a long period of hard work, or
  • because you have spent a fortune on a holiday and you’ve decided you want me to tag along to capture how amazing it is!

OK, I know I’m putting ideas into your head with that last point 🙂

No doubt you could add a few more reasons to celebrate the uniqueness of your life.

BOOK NOW to celebrate your life with a photoshoot!

OR become a VIP to find out more about Bean images.

An SLR Camera in a London Pub / Brisbane Photographer

An SLR Camera in a London Pub / Brisbane Photographer

Why do I love Photography?

I can still remember the moment I knew I desperately wanted an SLR. I was in a London pub with my new friends (I’d only been there a few months). We were laying on big, old, grubby pub lounger chairs, “recovering” from the night before. There was a girl I hadn’t yet met, taking photos. She spotted me watching her and asked if I wanted to play with the camera and I completely baulked!

I had NO IDEA how to use an SLR  but I loved taking photos (with my point-and-shoot). I was shy and didn’t want to her to know I’d never used an SLR before.

Later I saw the photos she took and they were beautiful. I loved the way the light was coming through the windows of the old pub. I loved  how she captured the relaxed atmosphere amongst us – as we drank beers and laughed about the night before.

And I guess that’s why I LOVE photography! When I capture moments the way I’m seeing them, I’m very present where I am. The images are clearer memories of my life. Ask me who was there that day, the name of the pub, the month or the year and I’d have to think hard. But ask me to describe the photo she took and I could.

When I watch movies with friends I notice details they may not. I talk about the lighting and art direction when I leave a cinema – yet I may not recall any character names!

I don’t know why this is. I just seem to have a mind that picks up colour, atmosphere, mood, light, shapes, architecture, shadows and small details. I’m quite an emotional person too. So, when an image that I take successfully captures a raw, unguarded moment it feels amazing.

It wasn’t long after that day in a London Pub that I bought my very first SLR film camera and my journey with photography really began.

I’ve been sharing with you some more of my earliest photos of London days. Some of the black & white shots I developed in a Dark Room on Tuesday nights in a college. I loved the silence and the suspense of a Dark Room as all the students stood watching our images come through the developing lotion… many moons ago. 🙂

Is there something in your life you want to capture before it becomes a fading memory?   

Why not contact me for more information about the portrait shoots I offer?  Click Here   

Or become a VIP.

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Helping others build their dreams / Headshots – Brisbane Photographer

Helping others build their dreams / Headshots – Brisbane Photographer

I was so excited when Stuart approached me to do a headshot and business photoshoot for him. He’s ultimately trusting me, to help him market his business with imagery that tells a story about what he does to help his clients.

I really AM telling a story, not just taking a photo. I love this feeling. Take a look at the images below and you’ll see why we love the results.

Stuart flew up from Sydney and we did his Client photoshoot and his Headshot photos over a couple of days.

I had a wonderful location with beautiful morning light and all the props and perfect models I needed. Aren’t they all gorgeous?


Stuart’s business is special. It’s about giving people help to be independent and confident in this tech-savy world.

His clients range from small business (like me) to retirees, people with special needs and the elderly. His approach to life has always been gentle and caring. Stuart has helped me many times as a friend and a client and never once have I felt like I was a nuisance or dim. He educates and he cares that you are happy with the result he gives you.

If you or someone you know needs some technical help please contact Stuart at STU-TEC

www.facebook.com/stutecindustries   or     www.stu-tec.com.au



Headshots and Business Photoshoots

If you have any enquiries about Headshots please email me at jillsmyth@beanimages.com

Portrait Photography

If you want to capture some great moments to tell a story about your life you can check out details on my website, contact me directly (as ablove) OR Book Now here.

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2018 – Making it my Best Year Yet!

2018 – Making it my Best Year Yet!


I’m just so pumped and excited about the year ahead. I’m back from a short break and I’m already fired-up to make 2018 MY BEST YEAR YET!

As you know, I’ve been busy over the past few months, setting up Bean images and it’s been very exciting. As a busy mum to my little one, some days are tough, but my business mentor keeps me inspired always! I’m fired-up due to an inspiring 5 day burst of enthusiasm which she created with a number of other photographers to make this our Best Year Yet!

I’m planning some lovely Special Offers and events for 2018 – the first of many will be released very shortly.

For now I just wanted to say Hi and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Head on over to my Facebook page if you haven’t seen some gorgeous shots of the Webbe family from just before Christmas.

AND Check out my Instagram page too….I’m pumping it full of positivity and beautiful photos – just so that I know I’m generating positive energy and mindset for 2018!

Also if you could please pass these links on to friends and family as well. I would love to be getting information about my special offers out to as many people as possible in 2018…..I can’t wait to meet families and kids from all over Brisbane and beyond!

www.beanimages.com/offers (sign up here to be a VIP and hear about these offers first!)

I hope you are all GREAT!
Jill x

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