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Taken from Wikepedia (click here):

The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light” [2] and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”,[3] together meaning “drawing with light”.[4]

Today it struck me, as I was gathering some images from my archives for a social media post, that for years I’ve been taking photos of just that – light.

I have many photos of random objects and scenes from being out with my camera(s) over the years. When I asked myself why I had taken the photo the answer was clear – I was just fascinated by the light.

Light can change a scene I’ve seen before, or a simple object or into something I really wanted to capture. From froth on the edge of water, a reflection, a tap, a mangrove twig, a sink draining bench….. there were so many photos that really weren’t so much about the object but about capturing the way light had made it special (to me).

Suddenly my collection on random “things” and “moments” made sense. I’m just fascinated by light.

In an earlier blog “An SLR Camera in a London Pub / Brisbane Photographer”  I wrote about how I have a mind that picks up colour, atmosphere, mood, light, shapes, architecture, shadows and small details. And how I will usually talk about the lighting and art direction when I leave a cinema – yet I may not recall any character names!  

Now looking at my collection of images I can see that everyday moments are just that little bit more unique to me because I pause and take notice of the light.

Take a look at your own photos on your phone. Are the ones you LOVE just a little bit more special because of the way the light highlights your eyes, catches your hair or silhouettes you?  I love the lighting in the photos below, from one of my Family Portrait Photoshoots.

I hope you will stop to take take time to notice the light in your life!

And if you get a chance, check out “Road to Perdition“.  It’s a brilliant story and one of my all time favourite movies especially from a cinematography perspective – no wonder it won an Oscar. Every scene in this movie would make for a beautiful still image. The lighting is spectacular.  I am in awe of Sam Medes and Conrad L. Hall’s work.  I think you’ll see what I mean from this preview (click here) but the movie is well worth watching through.


PS: This is just a few of the images I posted to my facebook page. Check them out by clicking here. And if you want any information about a photoshoot with me check out my website www.beanimages.com or email me at jillsmyth@beanimages.com

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