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I’m not sure if you saw the facebook posts where I became my own client and dared to post some unedited photos of myself on Facebook!

Scary for me? YES!

WHY did I do it?  Because I’m listening to YOU.


I had such great feedback from asking “what holds you back from booking a photoshoot?” and it was often simply: “I HATE HAVING MY PHOTO TAKEN”.

I hear you!  For years I’ve taken photos at family events and not been in front of the camera. So when my daughter came into my life I naturally wanted photos of us together and that’s when I started to notice the nerves of having a photo taken.

So I thought MAYBE if I’M brave enough to post a video on Facebook and upload selfies, YOU might feel you can take the step towards a photoshoot too.

I still can’t believe I did a video and posted it to social media, but it seems all the cool kids are doing it! 🙂 Then shortly after the video, with no edit-time I posted the photos you saw me take – Raw and Vulnerable.

People voted on their favourite (which is now my Social Facebook Profile image) and 1 lucky voter WON a photoshoot and prints package.
So, I got over a fear and gave away a photoshoot. WIN WIN!

Here’s the winning Photo!

I hope that the video and the images maybe inspire you to stop thinking about what you HATE and focus on what you LOVE, such as having fun with friends, partners or family and creating moments you can pass down for years to come!

I know my daughter and I will be laughing about these selfies in years to come.
Thinking about that makes me smile already!

So you think you can do it now too?  Book in for a fun photoshoot with me here.

And stay check out my facebook page and the blog for more posts relating to the great feedback from “what holds you back from booking a photoshoot?
Oh, and here’s the links to the 2 videos incase you missed them  http://bit.ly/2DhLmvJ   and   http://bit.ly/2DjlOOJ


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