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I used to think there were five reasons to book a photographer!  

Two** of these  only if I really wanted to CELEBRATE ME and splurge.

  • Engagement Party
  • Wedding
  • **Pregnancy
  • **Newborn
  • and when my family is complete….Mum, Dad and 2 or 3 kids!

It was an episode of Sex and The City that changed that idea. It’s the one where CARRIE Bradshaw is overwhelmed by celebrating people in her life who are ticking off “the” list. She decides to Celebrate her own life! She books in a Gift Registry at her favourite shoe store. She invites one of her “List Ticking Friends” to purchase a gift to simply celebrate Carrie – Brilliant!

Did you tick this list? I realise now that not everyone does. And some people tick it in a different direction, while others tick some or none of it.

So NOW why else could I book a photographer?  And why could you?

Here’s some of my thoughts:

  • your “besties” are getting together for the first time in years!
  • you would love some photos as an adult with your parents
  • as you get older you realise how rare time alone with your adult siblings can be and you want to capture the connection you have with them
  • you really do have an engagement, wedding, pregnancy, birth, young family moment to celebrate 
  • you simply adore your partner
  • just you and your child(ren) – this is YOUR family
  • you want to capture the time before you become empty nesters
  • you come from a fabulously blended family and have never had a photo of everyone together
  • you are graduating after a long period of hard work, or
  • because you have spent a fortune on a holiday and you’ve decided you want me to tag along to capture how amazing it is!

OK, I know I’m putting ideas into your head with that last point 🙂

No doubt you could add a few more reasons to celebrate the uniqueness of your life.

BOOK NOW to celebrate your life with a photoshoot!

OR become a VIP to find out more about Bean images.

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