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Why do I love Photography?

I can still remember the moment I knew I desperately wanted an SLR. I was in a London pub with my new friends (I’d only been there a few months). We were laying on big, old, grubby pub lounger chairs, “recovering” from the night before. There was a girl I hadn’t yet met, taking photos. She spotted me watching her and asked if I wanted to play with the camera and I completely baulked!

I had NO IDEA how to use an SLR  but I loved taking photos (with my point-and-shoot). I was shy and didn’t want to her to know I’d never used an SLR before.

Later I saw the photos she took and they were beautiful. I loved the way the light was coming through the windows of the old pub. I loved  how she captured the relaxed atmosphere amongst us – as we drank beers and laughed about the night before.

And I guess that’s why I LOVE photography! When I capture moments the way I’m seeing them, I’m very present where I am. The images are clearer memories of my life. Ask me who was there that day, the name of the pub, the month or the year and I’d have to think hard. But ask me to describe the photo she took and I could.

When I watch movies with friends I notice details they may not. I talk about the lighting and art direction when I leave a cinema – yet I may not recall any character names!

I don’t know why this is. I just seem to have a mind that picks up colour, atmosphere, mood, light, shapes, architecture, shadows and small details. I’m quite an emotional person too. So, when an image that I take successfully captures a raw, unguarded moment it feels amazing.

It wasn’t long after that day in a London Pub that I bought my very first SLR film camera and my journey with photography really began.

I’ve been sharing with you some more of my earliest photos of London days. Some of the black & white shots I developed in a Dark Room on Tuesday nights in a college. I loved the silence and the suspense of a Dark Room as all the students stood watching our images come through the developing lotion… many moons ago. 🙂

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